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Bread Pudding
 An old family classic of cinnamon vanilla custard soaked bread made and baked in house with Caramel and served warm with vanilla ice cream 

“Beast of Bourbon” Pie - 8

Pecan pie with a Jack Daniel’s kicker

Scoop of vanilla ice cream

Feature Dessert - 9

Gluten Free

Coffee & Bread Pudding Combo - 5

1/2 a Bread Pudding + Coffee or Tea

Classic Ice Cream Soda - 5

Whip cream, vanilla ice cream

Choice: Pop Flavors


Coffee | Tea - 3

Roadhouse Spiked Coffee  -  8

Hot brewed coffee, Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Tall Grass Espresso Vodka, coffee liqueur, vanilla ice cream

All Specialty Coffee  -  9


·Monte Cristo

·Spanish Coffee