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"mi casa sous casa"

Junction - meaning

an act of joining; combining.

A place where things esp. roads and railroads, meet or join.

Junction 59 Roadhouse opened its doors in April 2019.

Inspired by

The love of great food

The art of bringing people together

Sharing our food experiences traveling throughout North America and beyond. 

We are Comfort Food Fusion: 

Modern American Roadhouse

Mexican Cucina

Winnipeg diner.

Our menu is a twist of old family recipes, local favourites and current food trends.  We take pride in using fresh ingredients, in house made recipes and partnering with local suppliers.


We believe in old school hospitality by creating a welcoming, fun atmosphere where we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

We support our community through the use of local trades and artisans.  We look to develop strong long lasting relationships with local sports teams, community centres and charities.

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